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1. Personalize it

Create your personal profile by entering your age, weight, height and other information about yourself. Then set up your objectives with the help of the coach's personalized recommendations. For each profile, the BMI (Body Mass Index), which measures your height/weight ratio, is automatically calculated. It is your weight divided by the square of your height. The coach then devises a program appropriate for your BMI that is suited to help you achieve your goals.

2. Get your daily objectives
Daily Session

Lose weight? Eat healthier? Exercise more? Determine how you want to build a healthier lifestyle depending on your own needs and objectives. The game includes 10 coaching sessions to help you define your needs and set your objectives. Theses sessions will help you devise strategies on areas where you have indicated you need coaching, such as fighting off hunger or approaching meals with the right attitude.
At the end of each day, spend 10-15 minutes to upload how many steps you've taken on your pedometer, and input any other physical activity as well as what you've eaten for the day.

3. Challenge yourself

Stay motivated with between 300 and 500 fun challenges based on your profile and your needs: "Don't use any elevators or escalators for an entire day", "Flex your stomach muscles every time you walk through a doorway" and "Have two bowls of vegetable soup" are just a few of the many challenges My Weight Loss Coach has to offer. Accepting daily and weekly challenges, playing games, and taking quizzes make adopting a healthier lifestyle easier and more fun!

4. Track your progress
Ideal BMI

To keep you on target and remind you of what you have accomplished, My Weight Loss Coach measures your progress and achievements over time through the progression tracking system, keeping track of:

- Your steps: see how many steps you walked today, compare it to what you walked yesterday, and see how many steps you've walked since you started the program.

- Your energy balance: check the balance between your food intake and physical activity, based on what you have inputted each day for your physical activity and what you have eaten each day.

- Your weight and BMI: watch your personal evolution in terms of weight, BMI and overall progress.

A game developed with a professional nutritionist
Marie Marquis

Marie Marquis, nutritionist who worked on the development of the game:


'My Weight Loss Coach' is a game that will motivate you and not make you feel guilty at all because you will have complete control of the game. You will be the one who decides which challenges you want to take up or not.


I've worked on the components of the game based on eating behaviors. Why, when, where and what people eat based on what seems to be important for them. The development team based the challenges and the tips proposed in the game on this knowledge.'

How to use the exclusive pedometer?
How to use

Wear it all day on your belt, or slip it into your pocket. At the end of day, plug it into your DS in the GBA slot to upload your daily activity.


The pedometer is a perfect way to track your daily steps and to get you into the habit of taking more of them. Over time, small steps make a big difference! Since both the pedometer and Nintendo DS™ are so portable, you can easily integrate My Weight Loss Coach into your daily lifestyle.